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Saturday, 6 September 2008

What did you do in the war daddy? Rape mummy?

War is an excuse for male indulgence: when else do men get to rape and pillage without being punished? By dehumanising the ‘enemy’ they are free to violate them.

If sex wasn’t about power, it wouldn’t be used as a weapon.

Soldiers have an ever ready supply of pork swords among their armoury. Everybody does it: in any given war, either religion or race is used to separate people into us and them, and the them become savages or animals or evil heathens and since they are no longer human, they are not subject to laws and morals. Ethnic cleansing, religious crusades, terrorism: the other weapons might be different but the pork swords remain the same. Most wars are fought for one god against another...my phallus dei is bigger than yours!

It’s standard procedure: Men are tortured and murdered. Women and children are given special treatment: a free gang rape with every sexual murder. We may boil in righteous indignation at the un-UN way that Mugabe stays on top, but his and 'our' soldiers are guilty of the same methods.

'Our boys'? I want nothing to do with them. The ones who have any humanity are bullied into suicide or get it raped out of them in the showers. Unity in inhumanity. If cleanliness is next to Godliness and war is the world's only hygiene we've got an unlosable case against religion and violence in one...

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